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    Brazilian Cherry Browse Category
    Brazilian Cherry Warm, beautiful colour of cinnamon.

    Grows throughout Central and South America. Red-orange in color, and over time the color will mellow to a more russet.
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    Kempas Browse Category
    Kempas Rich and beautiful colour provides you with an exciting and fascinating floor.

    Kempas is a course grained, very hard, pink-reddish color wood, with medium graining, that is widely used ....
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    Merbau Browse Category
    Merbau Has a durability that most timbers can't match. Its beauty complements most furnishings and designs.

    Merbau is medium brown colored wood with reddish-orange highlights with a course gra....
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    Mahogany Browse Category
    Mahogany Prized for its excellent durability and stability, Mahogany brings an elegance and richness to any setting. Its extreme hardness makes it particularly well-suited for high-traffic commercial applicati....
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    Bamboo Browse Category
    Bamboo Bamboo floor is the new product for the 21st century. Naturally beautiful and durable alternative to our limited global supply of hardwood. It is comparable in strength to northern red oak and posses ....
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    Brazilian Maple / Ivory Browse Category
    Brazilian Maple / Ivory Ivorywood also known as Guatambu, Brazilian Maple and Pau Marfim, is a light colored wood with a unique grain pattern that lends an interesting look. It is 75% harder than Red Oak and 20% more stable.
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    Ipe / Brazilian Walnut Browse Category
    Ipe / Brazilian Walnut Ipe heartwood is light to dark olive brown, often with attractive lighter or darker striping and striking contrasts with the lighter color sapwood. It has a fine texture, medium luster, and a somewhat....
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    Daru Daru Browse Category
    Daru Daru Daru Daru Exotic Wood Flooring - rarely found in US. Daru-daru is heavy and hard wood of white and light-yellow colour with smooth uniform texture. It is used for flooring, construction materials, int....
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    Teak Browse Category
    Teak Teak naturally grows in groups among other tropical species. It is a very hard, heavy, strong wood, distinctively oily to the touch. The oil in the grain makes teak very durable. It is a "natural pres....
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    Cypress Browse Category
    Cypress The sapwood is pale yellow white with the heartwood varying in color from light to dark or reddish brown. Cypress machines well, planes easily and resists warping. Pre-boring at board edges will help ....
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    Cumara Browse Category
    Cumara Cumaru also know as Brazilian Teak or Southern Chestnut is a dense hard wood with a range of colors varying from a tan brown to a reddish brown with some pieces offering a black striping. Extremely du....
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    Tigerwood Browse Category
    Tigerwood Tigerwood is a boldly striped species which has an orange/reddish brown background with wide dark brownish black striping. Tigerwood, as the name suggests, is a species which exhibits a wide range of ....
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    Macaranduba Browse Category
    Macaranduba Macaranduba / Brazilian Redwood
    Macaranduba, which is also known as Brazilian Redwood, has a very beautiful red color. It has little color variations and once installed provides a wonderful exo....
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    Peroba Browse Category
    Peroba Peroba is also know as Amberwood. Its grain is iridescent, extremely fine and even. It is a very hard and good wearing wood. When freshly sanded and finished this floor will appear very pink with ligh....
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    Tauari / Brazilian Oak Browse Category
    Tauari / Brazilian Oak Brazilian Oak has a beautiful color and grain and is free of defects - always being offered in a Select & Btr grade. Density - denser than North American Oak, and actually has the density of Maple thu....
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    Sucupira Browse Category
    Sucupira Sucupira is a heavy, strong, durable wood. With interlocked, sometimes irregular grain and moderately coarse texture, this wood is very resistant to decay and highly resistant to fungi and termite att....
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    Tatajuba Browse Category
    Tatajuba Tatajuba is a hard wood with straight, interlocked or irregular grain and coarse texture. This species is widely used in flooring, decks, furniture, boats, canoes, columns and beams. Origin: Brazil /....
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    Timborana Browse Category
    Timborana Timborana - Grows in Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia and Guyana. Timborana is a beautiful, teak like species, with fine graining which is used for fine furniture and flooring. Timborana ranges from a stra....
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    Tasmanian Oak Browse Category
    Tasmanian Oak Tasmanian Oak originates from Australia. Its subtle grain pattern provides you with a relaxed atmosphere.
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    Asian Maple Browse Category
    Asian Maple
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    Siberian Larch Browse Category
    Siberian Larch Sibirian Larch - though technically softwood, this timber from the far north of Europe grows very slowly and is more dense than many hardwoods. As Larch matures it develops a striking, almost ‘tiger....
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    Brazilian Oak Browse Category
    Brazilian Oak Brazilian Oak, which also known as Tauari - has a beautiful color and grain and is free of defects - always being offered in a Select & Btr grade. Density - denser than North American Oak, and actuall....
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    Patagonian Rosewood Browse Category
    Patagonian Rosewood Patagonian Rosewood is also known as Angico Prieto, Curupay or Brazilian Tiger Teak. It is a beautiful wood with color ranging from reddish brown to almost black, it is by far the hardest wood used fo....
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    Tamarindo / Tamarind Browse Category
    Tamarindo / Tamarind Tamarindo also known as Brazilian Rosewood. Grows In: Brazil and other areas in South and Central America. The wood is very similar in color and graining to Brazilian Cherry except that it is more uni....
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